Home Risk Assessment (HRA)

Put our team of Advanced Practitioners to work for you. Our nationwide network of skilled clinicians are trained and specialize in conducting risk assessment evaluations. We gather key data from your members to identify risk factors and clinical indicators to improve health outcomes and lower health costs for your population.
HIPAA Compliant
Improved Outcomes
Coordinated Care
Cost Savings
Patient Centered Care

Our 12-Point Risk Assessment Program

ProHealth Select’s HRA program meets Medicare requirements to ensure hassle-free reimbursement and includes:

  • Review and confirmation of patient’s contact and Primary Care Physician information
  • Documentation and assessment of current and past medical history and diagnoses
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Performance of Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS), fall risk screenings, colonoscopy, mammograms, etc.
  • Complete Physical examination
  • Assessing patient for depression, self-care ability, mobility and frailty
  • Assessing home for safety and identify any additional equipment or support required
  • Develop and implement a personalized plan of care
  • Perform basic lab/diagnostic tests in-home
  • Referrals to case management/disease management programs 
  • Reporting of results to the patient’s Medicare Advantage plan and their Primary Care Physician
  • Follow up calls to the patient to address any issues and refer to primary care physician as needed

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Better Outcomes, Lower Costs with HRA Visits


Preventative Care

HRA’s conducted by our network of Nurse Practitioners identifies high-risk patients/members and establishes a care management plan to insure the proper level of healthcare services are utilized.  We follow-up with all patients to ensure compliance with care management plan.

Predict Expenses

Leveraging patient/member information collected during our Home Risk Assessment gives the stakeholders (physicians, health insurance plans, Accountable Care Organizations) the ability to estimate and control costs by identifying the risk of medical intervention utilization.

Improve Engagement

Our team of Advanced Practitioners build relationships with patients/members during Home Risk Assessments increasing the patient/member’s engagement in managing their health. Increased patient engagement leads to reduction in healthcare utilization and cost avoidance.